Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Cowgirl's Work Is Never Done

A Cowgirl's Work Is Never Done

I've been putting in lot's of work on my new website so that I can bring you the best place to get some good, honest and helpful information.  Wheather you are looking to learn something, buy something or get something free, I hope that you will stop by.

Free, you ask?  Yes, I  have several pages of things that you can download and print such as original coloring pages, plastic canvas craft patterns, party banners, games and templates for cutouts. There is more of this to come also. 

I am also working on making some new designs available an a variety of home decor and gift items.

Other than creating things, I find time to write a few pages on things I like and would suggest for others based on my experience. 

The beautiful weather that I am enjoying in Texas allows me to sit on the porch with my laptop. Only thing is, I just ran out of coffee so .....see ya later!

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